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#100 | Casablanca


Released in 1942

Directed by Michael Curtiz

Staring Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman

Duration of 1 hour 42 minutes

Budget of 1.039 million USD

Plot: During WWII, Rick, a nightclub owner in Casablanca, agreed to help his former lover, IIsa, and her husband. Soon, IIsa's feelings for Rick resurface and she finds herself renewing her love for him.

Favourite character: Rick Blaine

Favourite Quote: "Here's looking at you, kid"

Fun Facts:

  • Like most film starts, Bogart seemed larger than life, but in person he stood 5'8" tall. Bergman, however, was almost two inches taller. As a result, Michael Curtiz had Bogart stand on blocks or sit on cushions to make his seem taller.

  • The entire film was shot at Warner Brother Studios in Burbank, California. There was one exception: the opening scene was shot at Van Nuys Airport in Van Nuys, Los Angeles. The final farewell tarmac scene, however, was filmed at Warner Brother Studios again, in Burbank.

IMDb - 8.5/10

Rotten Tomatoes - 99%

Probe Points - 9/10


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