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Tim Burton's 'Wednesday' (2022) is Eerily Beautiful | Review

If you don’t woe by now, Netflix has finally released the highly anticipated series Wednesday (2022) which follows the story of the Addams family but most importantly their infamous daughter, Wednesday. Led by the vision of Tim Burton this dark yet charismatic series gives us eight spectacular episodes to sink our teeth into, each episode shows us a unique version the classic character surrounded by her new supernatural friends. Werewolves, Vampires and Things, this series is truly magical and very well put together, the structure was well written and each episode brought enough content and excitement.

A magical love letter to the Addams Family, Wednesday (2022) is a spectacularly unique, well cast and overall stunning visual of the classic family. Burton has outdone himself, his visual personality and overall creativity brought a new layer to this character and her ever growing potential. I am truly intrigued by Jena Orega’s beautiful interpretation of Wednesday, her unique sense of humour and dark personality mix perfectly with Burton’s style, she was an epic choice for the character and I hope to see more of her Wednesday Addams in the future!

I also couldn’t help but point out some of the Tim Burton Easter Eggs I noticed after my first viewing:

EP02 The Deadly Night Shades Club [The Nightmare Before Christmas]

EP02 Cat Woman outfit [The Batman]

EP4 Wednesdays arm dance moves [Mars Attacks]

EP6 Gates House Basement Spaceship lookalike [Mars Attacks]


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