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'The Idol' Episode One - Pop Tarts & Rat Tales | REVIEW

The series has potential, episode one gives us a glimpse at the scope of this limited series. It could go one of two ways, be a show-stopping spectacle of excess, fame and power or display a debilitating and empty story which lacks character or story. Episode one forcibly introduces us to the erratic and erotic life of a pop star, the narrative hopes the bursts of nudity and sexual references will distract from the lack of story or action on screen. In reality, episode one has little to no story or development, it is hard to see how the series will continue.

The first episode doesn’t showcase the best performance from Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye and Euphoria's Sam Levinson directed a high energy episode will dazzling moments but no progression of character development. The obnoxious attention to minor and insignificant details distract from Lily-Rose Depp's performance which was surprisingly dynamic and inviting.

Overall, Episode one was a bumpy start to a highly anticipated series. After watching I had very little to say, the episode was well executed and set up an intriguing storyline with plenty of potential narratives. The characters were incredibly one dimensional and had little to no chemistry with one another, Depp definitely carried the episode and although it was tedious, she brought a great performance to screen.

The Idol (2023) has been widely received as divisive and polarising due to its blasé use of nudity and sex but to a viewer who knows Levinson’s work this comes as no surprise. Those scenes didn’t add anything to the episode but it also didn’t take anything away. Episode one was lacklustre but gave a glimpse of what this series might have in store.

5/10 Probe Points


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