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The First Omen (2024): Discovering the Origins of Evil in this Unforgettable Horror Prequel

A harrowing prequel which explains the circumstances of the 1976 horror, The Omen. The First Omen is a bone chilling horror, a film with never ending tension and a nail biting plot which draws you in with every second.

The First Omen confirms the power of simplicity, some of the most disturbing moments were the quietest. This film left me in a constant state of fear, the eerie and dark atmosphere encourages the audience to expect the worst around ever corner.

The First Omen was perfectly constructed to deliver the most anticipation and the highest sense of uncertainty. The cast were all intensely magnifying and brought excellent performances that I will not be able to forget. Nell Tiger Free as Margaret was dynamic and utterly engaging, she demonstrated the true essence of a horror movie through her performance and I enjoyed every moment.

The opening scene set the audience in for a wild ride, setting the tone for the rest of the feature. Simple, harrowing, gory and beautifully shot. Aside from the faultless performances and plot, The First Omen was shot beautifully, every scene drew the audience into the action whilst isolating Margaret within the frame. Intelligent storytelling alongside the genius cinematography made The First Omen one of the most visually striking horror films the year.

Margaret is the ultimate ‘final girl’, a strong, fighting individual who strives to bring justice. The First Omen demonstrates the idea of losing your bodily autonomy, having no control over your own body and your own actions. The First Omen displays one of the most disturbing birth scenes in cinema whilst embodying the idea of motherhood, control and pain. Pain in every sense of the word, being overlooked and used by those you hold closest, The First Omen is a field day for horror fans and will leave you wanting more.


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