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Stay Close (2022)

Stay Close (2022) is a British crime drama miniseries, directed by Daniel O’Hara who last year brought us The Stranger. This mini series takes your everyday, ‘normal’ individuals and throws them into a twisted tale of which there seems to be no end. Megan, your typical domestic housewife finds herself tangled in a web of secrets from her past life. Her former self and ghosts from her past start to reveal themselves and corrupt her new life. Starting Cush Jumbo, Richard Armitage and James Nesbitt we are taken on a jaw dropping narrative as each episode reveals a new major break in the mystery. As the death count rises our suspicions rise of characters and we turn to ask more questions of Megan and what she isn’t telling us. I couldn’t stop watching this once I started, brilliantly written and paced, every episode teased at more and more information until a completely shocked ending that left me utterly speechless. Crime dramas like this are the epitome of entertainment, written well, acted perfectly and tied up nicely with a bow at the end.

Stay Close definitely delivered in mystery and thrill, I thoroughly enjoyed the twists and turns and thought it was genuinely directed and acted well. In saying they, Cush Jumbo’s character Megan was slightly one dimensional, she was lacking in depth or emotion which made sense to her character but also stopped me from caring about her. Aside from her strange acting style the writing was still powerful and had me on the edge of my seat until the very end. The reveal was truly satisfactory, which to me, is the sign of a good thriller. You want the mystery person at the end to shock you and this show did just that. Was it as good as The Stranger (2020)? No, but was it still an entertaining piece of British drama? Yes. I would highly recommend you give this a go.


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