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Spell-binding Mysteries of Disney's Loki Season 2 (2023) | Review

Loki finds himself lost to time and splitting between past, present and future. Together with Mobius they must find Sylvie and stop the TVA from reaching the verge of a temporal meltdown.

One of the best Disney + series comes to an end and it is time to reflect upon the spell binding storytelling and finale frenzy. It is difficult to find meaning amongst the madness of Loki’s season two and what I believe to be the final season of the fan favourite. The way this season came to a close gives a lasting conclusion to Loki’s journey along with alluding to ever lasting consequences for the overall Marvel Cinematic Universe. The God of Mischief goes out with a bang, a series with just as much chaos and destruction as the lead character himself. Travelling through time and space to avoid the TVA’s Loom from catastrophic failure whilst searching for ‘He Who Remains’ and everyones favourite untrustworthy cartoon clock.

Often the plot felt repetitive and the writing was predicable, reusing jokes we’ve seen time and time again. Nonetheless Loki’s second season wraps everything up into a neat bow and throws audiences a curve ball as to what Loki’s new purpose is within the multiverse, and the true nature of 'glorious purpose’.

Ke Huy Quan added a layer of humour on top of Hiddleston and Wilson’s buddy cop duo, amongst the dread and destruction the comedic moments are up-lifting through the dark atmospheric scenery. It must be noted the overall aesthetic of Loki is fantastically whimsical and timeless, I admire the endless attention to detail and the constant reminder to time and its importance.

Overall, Loki (2023) is a thrilling series which keeps constant interest and answers all questions raised in season one. Loki (2023) showcases Hiddleston’s true embodiment of the role and his importance towards the future of the MCU. For All Time. Always.


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