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Rude, Crude and Lovable - Big Mouth's Newest Season On Netflix

Big Mouth’s sixth season (2022) is finally upon us and it brings just as much cringe and embarrassment as it’s predecessors. Big Mouth is known for its hilariously over the top characters and unapologetic approach to puberty and the difficulties of life. Big Mouth is a rare example of baring all and telling it how it is, this show doesn’t try to sugar coat life, it tells us the gross details and horrific happenings in all its glory.

This season sees a development for all characters, specially Missy and her relationship with new love interest, Elijah. Elijah struggles to navigate his sexuality until he comes to the realisation he is asexual. This season has a lot more heart, it tackles issues of divorce and acceptance of new family members, this series expands its horizons and explains that everything in life has its ups and downs.

Big Mouth tackles important themes of body shaming, sexuality and divorce. These were new for Big Mouth and I enjoyed seeing the beloved characters navigate through these real life moments. The involvement of asexuality was really progressive and I hope this story can help anyone watching who identifies with Elijah’s character and their journey of acceptance.

Big Mouth continues to surprise me with bigger, better moments and unforgettable one liners. Nick Kroll is a genius, a comedy master. With their recent addition of Human Resources (a spin-off series, also on Netflix), Big Mouth is slightly flooded with new characters which often felt a little crowded. In saying that, Human Resources was a very intelligent way to grow the universe and expand some of the storylines.

Overall, I truly love this series, I think it’s fun, fresh and utterly unique. Every episode is original and tackles something its viewers can relate to, whether that be questioning sexuality or coming to terms with your new family. This series doesn’t shy away from facing social issues and tackling them head on but always with humour. I think this show is progressive and undoubtedly entertaining. Each episode is written well and the voice actors bring incredible energy time and time again, highly recommend by Film Probe, you definitely don't want to miss this!


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