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Rachel Zegler’s Snow White To Be Shelved Indefinitely? Disney’s Snow White Remake (2024) | Blog Post

Rachel Zegler’s Snow White To Be Shelved Indefinitely?

Disney’s Snow White Remake (2024)

The film on everybody’s lips is none other than Disney’s newly reimagined Snow White. Sadly, this film is the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons.

The sense of growing resentment towards the upcoming 2024 Snow White has gotten even louder since David Hand, who happens to be the son of one of the directors of the 1937 animated classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, spoke out. Hand blasted Disney’s reimagining of his fathers film for its contemporary updates, saying his late father and Walt Disney himself would be “turning in their graves.” After this statement social media tycoons have taken upon the challenge of scouring the internet for past interviews and potential scandals for poor Rachel Zelger, who is set to start in the titular role of Snow White. The internet can be a scary place and if you place one foot wrong, everyone will know about it.

Let’s unpack a few of the controversies which have been surrounding the latest Disney upcoming feature. From racial up-raw to diversity outrage, this post mentions the outcry worth discussing.

Rachel Zegler had very large shoes to fill, considering Snow White is Disney’s first animated feature ever released. Something Walt Disney himself worked on and poured his heart and soul into, not to mention the countless imagineers who brought the princess’ story to life. In 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs was fascinating, the film took the world by storm. With global success both critically and commercially. It received rave reviews from critics and audiences, who praised its artistic achievement, its emotional impact, and its technical innovation. It also earned eight Academy awards and an array of nominations, plus an honorary Oscar for Walt Disney himself. There is no doubt Snow White is a sacred piece of Disney history, let alone cinema history. For any movie lover Snow White may have been your first introduction to the world of Disney, although terrifying the film stands the test of time and showcases a fascinating glimpse into the past- it is something to be cherished.

Does Rachel Zelger deserve the backlash she has received? Probably not with as great a vengeance, but sadly in today’s society it is scarily easy to manipulate somebodies words to fit your own story. I do think her delivery and arrogance towards the films narrative and history was borderline disrespectful, she appeared to have zero regard or love for what has come before her and sadly that was the biggest mistake. Zegler radiates an arrogance in interviews, she attempts to come across as bubbly and confident but it screams privilege and condescending ignorance. Playing the role of Snow White should be seen as a honour, I do understand for some actors work is work but for the majority of actors they adore the films they’re involved in. I can imagine a vast population of young actors would dream to play the role of a Disney princess, let alone the first one ever! To compare, Halle Bailey embodied the role of Ariel and truly showcased her admiration to the company and her passion towards the character. She brought a sense of stardom to her role and marketed herself as Ariel. Rachel Zelger should take a page out of Halle Bailey’s book: How To Be A Disney Princess 101.

Can you believe we haven’t reached the casting dilemma yet? Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) famously features seven little people who care for Snow White and accompany her through her journey. In the original movie these characters were stereotypical little people with pronounced personalities and specific archetypical characteristics. Although the seven dwarfs were supporting characters alongside Snow White, to many, myself included, these characters were the star of the show! Grumpy and Dopey were practically the lead characters due to their lovable personalities and adorable demeanours. In the controversial live action remake, the seven dwarfs are being replaced by a group of “magical creatures” portrayed by people of different heights, weights, and skin tones. So, to summaries the seven dwarfs are no longer little people, instead they’ve been erased from one of their most prevalent stories.

Although the original film didn’t require an update/remake, in my opinion, I can understand that a few changes were required to bring this film into the 21st Century. One of these elements would be changing the dwarfs narrative to be more inclusive and respectful of little people in the modern world of cinema. Little people are burdened with a lack of representation in media, the updated Snow White could have been a statement piece of cinema and showcased little people alongside other actors. They deserved the chance to take on these roles and showcase their capability and talents, the decision to erase little people from this movie is definitely one Disney will regret.

Sadly, aside from the terrible marketing campaign from Zegler and the suspect casting decisions I was never going to accept this reimagining. Since Disney started remaking their beloved classics, none of the reimagined films have come close to the original. Of course, a few have slipped through the cracks like The Little Mermaid (2023), Lady and the Tramp (2019) and Beauty and the Beast (2017)… but regardless the majority of live-action remakes have been disappointing to say the least. I have no doubt this Snow White will be a lack lustre display of woke society, this film will showcase the problems with modern filmmaking and it’ll have us all reminiscing the old days.

If all my nightmares become a reality and this film does get released and we later see a parade of spin offs…. I implore you to not consume. The best way to send your distain and show Disney your rejection of these live-action remakes is simply not to watch them.


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