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Spree (2020)

Newly released on Netflix, Spree is the American Psycho for modern audiences. Staring Stranger Things’ Joe Keery this dark comedy experiments with the concept of toxic social media and how damaging the internet is to its more vulnerable audiences. The narrative follows a young man who is desperate for an online following, longing for anyone to see and appreciate him. He is a ride share driver and decides to document his journeys and process of drugging the passengers and eventually murdering them. Although this movies concept is a highly dramatic reaction to toxic social media it still resonates with me because in reality people will do anything for a like or a follow and this movie simply shows us just how far are we willing to go?

This film is solely recorded through the characters cameras, somewhat like a found footage concept but also integrating YouTube and instagram lives to create a fully immersive story. I found myself forgetting I was watching a film but instead thinking I was watching a normal guys live stream, I thought this way of documenting the movie was really creative and executed very well. Although I am aware this style has been used before in movies such as Unfriended (2014) and Host (2020), Spree still felt totally original and I think the uniqueness was down to the incredibly portrayal by Joe Keery. Without Keery’s performance being so captivating and believable this movie could have bombed, without a strong actor in the main role it is just a slasher movie but Keery makes it almost a psychological thriller, his tragic character is so likeable and yet so incredibly unhinged. Keery, in my opinion, has put himself out there and let the world know he has a lot more to show than simply being Steve from Stranger Things and I am truly excited to see what he does next.

I am first and foremost a lover of acting rather than the film itself, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed this film. Although the concept is extreme and trying a little too hard to send a message, Keery saved this movie for me. I think the ongoing dark comedy aspect also add a lot to my enjoyment of the movie, if this film took itself too seriously I wouldn’t have enjoyed it, this film creates a safe space where the audience is able to laugh at how unapologetically ridiculous the story is… but also question how our world surrounds social media and how scary that could become.

Spree is by far one of my top movies from 2020, the movie is just as chaotic as the year itself. Spree almost made me want to limit my time on social media and try not to value the worlds approval too much. In saying that, I may be getting slightly too deep but overall Spree was an incredibly modern and entertaining movie that I would highly recommend for anyone who likes a little bit of gore and a little bit of comedy.


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