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Jungle Cruise (2021)

Cruising into the top spot indeed, Disney’s live action Jungle Cruise is oozing with comedy, wit and adventure. Staring Dwayne Johnson along side Emily Blunt the two make a surprisingly good duo whilst tackling the dangerous jungle to find a heeling tree that could change the world. This movie is non stop from beginning the end, layering the narrative with complex relationships and detailed backstories. This film felt cohesive and thoroughly developed, often when a ride is adapted into a film the film never lives up the the expectation but Jungle Cruise actually exceeded my expectations. I was sceptical of the casting but the ensemble had brilliant chemistry and I couldn’t see anyone else in the roles. This is very disneyfied, magical and mystical, as though Jumanji, The Mummy and Tarzan were all put in a blender.

The pairing of Johnson and Blunt was refreshing, I’ve never seen them on screen together but they brought something unique to the movie that I enjoyed. Although the plot got slightly confused during the middle, a lot seemed to be thrown in last minute with the ‘ghost’ Forrest people and the German prince, I found my way back at the end. Every question was answered and everything fell into place, the ending was very sweet and satisfying, we got the ending we deserved for sure. This film gave me huge Pirates of the Caribbean vibes, which is why I enjoyed it so much, it had the perfect balance of comedy and action (which I think Disney always do well). This film was unique and did the Jungle Cruise ride justice, I was nervous for it’s release but I was blown away by the attention to detail and the overall positive impression the film had on me.

To conclude this review, it’s obvious that I was pleasantly surprised by this picture. I wasn’t expecting it to be this fun, the narrative was complex and it seemed to be targeted for adults more than children, which I always appreciate from Disney. I would highly recommend this whirlwind of adventure for the whole family, it was a breath of fresh air and I’m pleased at how well done every aspect way… including the hilarious references to the jungle cruise ride at the beginning. Who doesn’t love a good pun? Or two… or three! This film was organic and original, it is definitely worth a watch.


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