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Hubie Halloween (2020)

In preparation for halloween Netflix has graced us with the wacky, somewhat cringeworthy addition Hubie Halloween (2020). Staring Adam Sandler and his star studded cast of friends we embark on the journey of Hubie, a strange individual who lives to protect his town of Salem against halloween hooligans. Of course, this halloween becomes is a lot worse than any other as individuals go missing throughout the night… or worse, maybe murdered. It is up to Hubie to solve the mystery, save the people of Salem and hopefully retain his dignity.

If you are familiar with Sandler as an actor you’ll be aware of his previous comedies, particularly The Waterboy (1998) and Happy Gilmore (1996). Hubie halloween is nothing new, although the narrative is different the character style Sandler adopts is definitely something we have seen before. Sandler is known for introducing offbeat, quirky characters that are unapologetically weird and I think I like that about his acting style. Although I wouldn’t particularly call it ground breaking acting, his dedication to getting laughs and acting idiotic is really something to take from this movie, I like to laugh and this movie made me laugh.

Within this movie there are several smaller narratives intertwining, Hubie’s detective story, the neighbours werewolf story and Violet’s children’s story. All of the narratives cross over and co-exist whilst giving the movie some depth, well as much depth a slapstick movie like this can stand. My opinion of this Halloween movie is slightly bias as I am a fan of Adam Sandler’s style of comedy, I am aware he is a very marmite kind of actor but regardless I think his movies bring a special kind of effortless humour which in this climate I was in need of something up-lifting. These types of movies are incredibly light hearted and simply silly just to be silly. I’m sure not a lot of brain power was used to write the script but nonetheless it was still a mystery that needed to be solved and I will say, with a little shame, I had no clue who the culprit was… I know the story wasn’t very hard to follow but I was very invested and loved the big reveal at the end.

To conclude this short but sweet review I want to say a special thanks to Adam Sandler and the cast and crew of Hubie Halloween, i’m sure this movie has had a mixture of average to awful reviews but to me this movie brought me some fun, some comedy and some laughs in a world where currently we don’t get a lot of that. This movie isn’t the next best thing by any means but it was released at a time where I think people really needed to just sit down and enjoy watching something stupid and forget about the problems of the world… and also be thankful we don’t have a neighbour like Hubie.


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