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Orphan: First Kill (2022) is a Sad Excuse for a Horror | Review

Sadly, this prequel was lacking all the best elements which made its predecessor so enjoyable and shocking.

The original Orphan (2009) movie was successful due to its grand reveal of Esther’s true identity but audiences going into this film already know the secret. I did find the conflict between the new mother and Esther to be interesting and their unconventional relationship added some well deserved excitement to the lacklustre narrative but overall, this prequel abandoned any originality and truly felt like a cash grab.

It was fun to see the original actress back in the role of Esther but even her presence couldn’t save this mediocre horror, I would only recommend this to fans of the original - it’s an entertaining watch for all the wrong reasons - not worth your time if you aren’t a fan or up for a laugh.


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