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Netflix's Steamy Love Affair, Obsession (2023) | Review

Obsession was a highly thrilling and intense British limited series which displayed, up close, the complications of having an affair and what that does to the people around you. Although, this story is a slightly exaggerated version of the implications of having an affair, in this series we see a father involved with his son’s partner, which is all kinds of wrong. The show follows a mans desperate obsession and scandalous love affair. He is a man who appears to have everything: wealth, a beautiful wife and children, and a prestigious job but sadly, that is not quite enough. He is enthralled by his son’s new girlfriend and cannot control himself when around her and she is the same. They are just as corrupted as each other and slowly start to ruin the lives of those around them.

Obsession is a truly unforgettable series. One, because of the overwhelming amount of steamy sex scenes but most of all, the shocking and unpredictable turn of events which sends the characters through a game of tragedy and pain from beginning to end. The series was well constructed, made up of four episodes this show took the style of a typical British limited series. The show had just enough content and didn’t drag on at all, four episodes was just enough, we got all the answers we needed and got to see the the characters develop fully and undergo a full circle moment. This is a stand alone series and something which you can sink your teeth into for a few hours and be left thinking, that was interesting?

Obsession (2023) is a hot and heavy series, definitely not for everybody. Richard Armitage has stared in a few limited British series which have been incredible, The Stranger (2020) and Stay Close (2021) were both intricate stories in which he had a strong character. When I see Armitage’s face alongside these projects I know it is going to be worth a watch. Obsession did feel slightly over the top at times but in reality, all of the explicit scenes shown were integral to the narrative and only fuelled your complete hatred for these characters. A show I would recommend to any drama lover, this is an intense show with some shocking twists and moments.


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