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Murder & Time-Travel? Totally Killer (2023) | Review

17-year-old Jamie comes face-to-face with the masked maniac and accidentally time-travels back to 1987, when the original murders took place. Having to navigate the unfamiliar culture from the past, Jamie teams up with her teenage mother to take down the psycho and stop him from killer again in the present.

Blumhouse Productions’ Totally Killer (2023) doesn’t reinvent the horror comedy genre, it plays safe and delivers a familiar narrative to those we’ve all seen before. Similarly to Happy Death Day and the Fear Street series, this feature was littered with comedic moments and surprisingly delivered some gory murders. Despite being predictable, Totally Killer (2023) remained an enjoyable watch from beginning to end. Imagine if Marty McFly met Ghostface from Scream, merging time-travel with horror was a fun twist and opened up the film to plenty of decade based jokes and inappropriate comedy.

Overall, Totally Killer (2023) was a light and easy watch for a horror. It didn’t rock the boat or surprise me as a viewer but I did enjoy the light hearted humour and unique narrative development.

Also, can we acknowledge what a brilliant mask the killer had: David (Kiefer Sutherland) from The Lost Boys (1987). Perfect.


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