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John Wick: Chapter 4 - Over Two Hours of non-stop Action | REVIEW

John Wick Chapter 4 does not disappoint, for a fan of this franchise the forth instalment brings us the same energy as its predecessors, with far more violence and some spectacular action scenes. This movie feels like a two hour fight scene, the action does not stop for breath and Keanu only proves how much of a powerhouse performer he is.

Keanu Reeves is John Wick, in every way he embodies the character and it was made for him. His mannerisms and overall demeanour scream for your attention on the screen and he never fails to deliver his lines with pure monotone perfection. Regardless of anyones opinions on Reeves’ acting style, robotic or not, he brings this character to life and I cannot stop watching his every move.

Every moment beyond the duel confirmation was utter perfection, an hour in the film shifts and we get to see some of the most unforgettable car chases and stunts. Before this point it took a moment for the film to find its feet, it started slow but the pay off was worth the wait. Every moment in Paris was a spectacle of filmmaking magic, the scene surrounding the arc de triomphe was action bliss. Truly one of the most well choreographed and put together action sequences I have ever had the pleasure of viewing.

With very little negative for this feature I will comment on the villain, Bill Skarsgard was an odd choice for me. Although he brought a good enough performance he wasn’t strictly believable in that character. It didn’t ruin the narrative for me in the slightest but I did find his accent to be slightly distracting and his presence a little underwhelming.

All in all, I don’t truly know what to make of the ending. I am pleased but also heart broken and I am still a little taken back by the final reveal. John Wick is one of the greatest action franchises out there, it delivers with pure creativity, originality and liability. I love the character of John Wick and thoroughly enjoyed this forth instalment.


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