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Human Resources (2022)

Human Resources will drop on Netflix March 18th 2022. This is a brand new spin off series to the popular animated show Big Mouth (2017-), a raunchy, crude cartoon which sees the monsters from Big Mouth ‘at work’. These characters are all larger than life and incredibly individual, I’ve fallen in love with these wacky personas from when Big Mouth originally aired, I am beyond excited to see more content from the talented creators - Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. Both have created an incredible new world, an unforgettable group of sitcom characters, it’s dirty and it’s gross but it’s incredibly well written and utterly relatable! Here’s a brief description of Big Mouth, some context for those who are yet to embrace this crazy show, we see a group of teenagers going through puberty, as they start to develop into young adults they meet their hormone monsters… Maury and Connie, these two help the kids conquer this new era in their lives, it’s messy and it’s embarrassing but boy is it funny! Human Resources will introduce us to Maury and Connie’s work place and the vast amount of other monsters they work with. We’ll meet love bugs, the depression kitty, the logic rock, the anxiety mosquito and many many more!

The trailer is marketed like a recruitment company, explaining that they make humans… human. The creativity behind the whole ‘spin off’ of Big Mouth is very intelligent and feels right, it is the perfect way to expand the universe.

This show is potentially going to be ruder and more humiliating than Big Mouth, I expect all the uncomfortable storylines and completely inappropriate moments. I adore the satire and I live for the unapologetic realist character moments.

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