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Foolish Mortals, Welcome to Disney's Haunted Mansion (2023) | Review

A fun filled display of supernatural thrills and laughs, Haunted Mansion (2023) brings to life a story which has been neglected for well over a decade. Disney’s The Haunted Mansion is one of the most cherished and beloved rides and this film showers love and appreciation from beginning to end.

This fantasy comedy is a darling love letter to the legacy and adoring fans of the ride, pure emotion has been poured into this film and it hits hard. Incorporating the raw reality of death, endings and grief. This film tackles the universal questions we all ask ourselves; what is beyond this life?

A coherent story which incorporated every element of the theme park attraction, a linear timeline and genuinely enjoyable execution. The ghosts were fun and well animated, they truly reminded me of the ones you see in real life on the ride. This film shows how much it admires the ride and that is the sole reason I adored it so much, it felt like it was written and produced by people who love the history and lore - I felt the passion through the screen.

I went into Haunted Mansion (2023) with low expeditions, from loving the original 2003 version I was sceptical of this interpretation. Boy was I wrong, this film was magnificent in every possible way, the cast were truly faultless. Each character was dynamic, engaging and full fleshed out. LaKeith Stanfield carries this film, his performances and true emotion was beautiful and gave this film a beating heart. As an avid Disney lover and guest, I was ecstatic to see all the nods and references to the actual ride- this film was FULL of Easter eggs and I couldn’t have been happier every time I spotted a new one. This film was a win for Disney lovers and die hard fans: don’t miss it.


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