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Euphoria (2022)

An explosion of emotion and expression, Euphoria sees a group of characters all trying to handle their own problems whilst tackling the tribulations of high school. This season, the stakes are higher and the storylines are exaggerated. We see more attention given to quieter characters and we see the downfall of the hot headed teens who dominated the first season. Sam Levinson takes his audience for a wild ride from beginning to end, seeing how far he can push the narrative before it inevitably snaps. Pushing tension on the characters and forcing conflicts, Levinson brings a memorable season and encourages some incredible performances. Zendaya will forever be a knock out, she delivers a beautifully heartbreaking performance time and time again and I never get tired of watching her.

I’m this season, each character develops further into either their downfall or redirection. We see Rue accomplish a lot on her journey and hers is one of the most interesting stories to invest in. Cassie and Maddie have an explosive conflict which runs throughout the whole season, obviously fuelled by a huge betrayal. Lexi develops into a two dimensional character, with intention and desire which is very entertaining to watch, her relationship with Fez is also a driving plot point which makes the season flow very well. Essentially, the seasons plot is hard to describe without spoilers, so in one sentence: A group of teenagers who we thought were established are far from it, we see friends turned foes and lovers turned to hate, it is an exciting portrayal of unrealistic reality and the characters are uniquely loveable.

Performances - the actors in this season need a lot of credit for how powerful it is. The cast all being solid performances that being emotion and passion to the characters, they tackle difficult storylines with ease and care.

Costume - of course, Euphoria is known for its far out make up and distinct fashion choices but I love it. I think it makes the series unique and stand tall above the rest, I love the style choices and every detail represents the characters to perfection.

Yes, the whole cast did a fantastic job but I want to give a special shout-out to Sydney Sweeney who plays Cassie. She was mesmerising in this series and completely unhinged, an excellent portrayal of wounded lover, she was memorable.

Often Euphoria is on the edge of glorifying mental Illness and drug abuse. The pretty characters and unique colour palette can make the lifestyle desirable… which it most definitely isn’t. I think some realism would help this series, Lexi is probably the closest to reality which makes it nice to see more of her. I expect more in the next season.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, ‘Skins’ walked so Euphoria could run. Although ‘Skins’ may have tackled some themes in a more realistic manner, I think Euphoria owes a lot of its success to the British cult classic.

Overall, I am a fan of Euphoria and I will continue to watch it. I find the characters enjoyable to watch and their storylines are so otherworldly and dramatised that I can’t help but invest my time in them. I’m intrigued by Jules, Rue and Elliot’s relationship and I cannot wait to see what happens to Cassie. You know the series is good when you can’t wait for the next season to reveal all the juicy gossip.

I know I sound slightly contradictory, but I like that this show isn’t too true to life, I like that it feels fabricated because otherwise it would be hard to enjoy.


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