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Coco (2017)

Disney never fails to disappoint me. Every time they release a new picture I am blown away and Coco is no exception.

Coco is a vibrant tale of family, fun and adventure. An aspiring young musician Miguel finds himself in the magical land of his ancestors, who help him to discover who he really is. Along the way he meets the charming trickster Hector who becomes an unexpected friend and helps him uncover the untold truth of his families stories and traditions.


Coco (2017) is your unconventional Disney classic, it has no princesses or princes. Coco is purely about family and this is why it made me cry so very much. This film is new and unique to the Disney franchise, primarily because it is full of Mexican heritage throughout, which Disney have never represented before. The film taught me so much about the Mexican tradition of The Day of the Dead, this story is told on that day. Therefore Miguel can make contact with his dead relatives. When I explain the story that way it sounds sad and a little morbid but Disney have created such pure and kind characters that the fact they’re skeletons doesn’t make the story creepy or uncomfortable to watch at all. Of course the way these characters are animated makes a huge difference to this outcome but for me I connected with the characters dead and alive and compared these people to my family.

I’d say this film is targeted at children like every other Disney film, but when you look closer this film is so much more than a kids movie. The story is complex and tugs at your heart strings, for kids this is just a colourful halloween movie, but for adults like myself it is a chance to remember those you’ve lost. Although I may be taking the narrative too seriously, this is genuinely how I felt after watching. Kids will one hundred percent enjoy this film, but adults will one hundred percent love this film.


I have always been a huge fan of Disney, so I try very hard to make sure my reviews are not bias because I love the company to much. I can honestly say this film is brilliant, every element from its comedy to its tragedy is perfected. It is a purely lovely enjoyable film to watch and I would recommend it to everyone.

Disney always find a way to make you cry and they of course succeeded again. If you love adventure make sure you give this film a watch, it is fast paced and comical at times but most of all the story is told beautifully from start to finish.

10/10 probe point


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