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Chucky (2022) The Immortal Horror Icon is Back | Review

A year has passed since season one when Jake, Devon and Lexy defeated their nemesis Chucky. Or so they thought… they soon start receiving mysterious, threatening calls from an all-too-familiar-sounding enemy.

Overall, this series is a hit, in every way! The characters are likeable, the story is engaging but most of all the horror elements are bloody and utterly unique. On the one hand, sadly the storyline of Glen and Glenda is slightly confusing and feels unnecessary to the narrative. I also found all the episodes centred around Tiffany Valentine to be uneventful and simply substance fillers. The series encompasses everything about Chucky which makes the character so lovable, the creative deaths, the puns and the insatiable lust for bringing the gang to their demise!

Chucky (2022) is a brilliantly constructed series with dynamic characters and epic plot development. Chucky is a horror icon with a distinct personality and hilariously evil disposition, this series embodies his essence and brings it to life in the most watchable and entertaining way. The puppets are nostalgic and reflect the retro yet professional style to the series, bringing Chucky into the modern era of horror whilst keeping his unforgettable one liners and cheeky personality. The final two episodes were unforgettable, the ending was absolutely epic and satisfying, this isn’t the end of Chucky… and thank goodness for that! I expect another season and I cannot wait.


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