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Unconventional Rom-Com, Bros (2021) | Review

Bobby is a neurotic podcast host who convinces himself he is happy with his single life and mindless tinder dates. That soon changes when he meets Aaron, the two men are drawn to each other despite their efforts not to be. They decide to give in to their emotions and vulnerabilities and explore something resembling a commitment.

I’ve heard endless positivity surrounding this film and was expecting a hilariously, unapologetically engaging romance but instead, I was met with a lacklustre attempt at comedy and a truly unlikable couple at its centre.

Billy Eichner wanted to make a statement with this feature, he wanted to show the world that gay characters can have a fun rom-com too and I completely agree, they can and they should have their stories told as often as heterosexual characters but this film needed many improvements. For a start, let's make the lead characters engaging and fun, sadly both Bobby and Aaron were one dimensional men who lacked any humanity or humour.

I found it this film to be a little too slow and the characters simply weren’t likeable. I found myself continuously trying to find more positives whilst watching but I couldn't, this was a very sweet movie and the intentions were all good but the execution was a lacklustre and asked for a more fun, light hearted narrative.


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