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Bob Odenkirk the New John Wick? Nobody (2021) | Review

Staring the incomparable Bob Odenkirk, Nobody is a revenge story which follows a father who longs to seek revenge on a pair of thieves who broke into this family home. Soon we discover this character is far from a simple family man and reveals his dangerous past and killer intentions; he is capable of a lot more than we originally thought.

Odenkirk was the perfect casting for this role, the guy exudes charisma and fits into the role with ease. He is a believable father figure but also displays the perfect characteristics for a stone cold killer. Nobody (2021) is an intriguing movie with plenty of entertaining moments and some original and memorable fight sequences, this movie is pure action from beginning to end and it was really refreshing to see a core character who felt realistic. Every fight scene felt natural and I thoroughly enjoyed watching Odenkirk embrace his darker side, away from comedy for a change.

Although I enjoyed the movie overall and thought some of the action sequences were incredibly well choreographed and executed I did find the narrative fairly simple. Although considering the nature of the film and its title, this movie is supposed to be subdued and minimal. We aren’t supposed to know anymore than we do, this film has been made for the pure enjoyment of action and that’s understandable but personally, I wanted more story. Whilst writing this review I am aware of a Nobody 2 set to be released soon, I am hopeful this sequel will reveal a little more about the character of Hutch and share some more into his backstory.

Odenkirk was a stand out, the whole cast did a great job of bringing this story to life but he is unstoppable. Bob Odenkirk is a star and couldn’t have been cast into a better role.

Where the story lacked in detail it made up for with immensely impressive action sequences and some brilliantly original death scenes. Very memorable!

Nobody (2021) is attempting to be a John Wick type of story, revealing a likeable and badass character who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal. If you’re a fan of action movies, specifically John Wick, I have no doubt you will enjoy this one and better yet, if you’re a Bob Odenkirk fan, he absolutely steals the show in this film.

Overall, I highly recommend this movie to audiences who enjoy more action than narrative. This is a simple character journey with a clear and impressive character arc from start to finish, we get to see Hutch develop and we see a distinct change in his life, I am excited to see what happens next…


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