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A Charming Love Affair, Good Luck to you, Leo Grande (2022) | Review

Retired widow Nancy Stokes hires a good-looking young sex worker called Leo Grande, in the hope of enjoying a night of pleasure and self-discovery after an unfulfilling married life.

Seeing Emma Thompson in this style of movie was truly refreshing, she appeared to be free and open with her body and it felt like a personal achievement for her as an actress.

In regard to the film, it was a slow burner, the characters were very fun to watch develop and both core characters went on a distinctive character journey. From the beginning to end Leo Grande was the most engaging character, he was performed magnificently and embodied the essence of his role very well.

The movie as a whole was simple, there was barely any memorable moments as a lot of the content was conversational dialogue and little else. I wanted more spark, although I understand this movie was purposely minimal. The intention was to be subtle and not to overload the screen, I understand the intention but my personal taste stopped me from fully committing to the narrative. I was bored and needed far more content, I can assume this film to be targeted to an older generation of particularly women. Sadly, I am not the target audience but I can accept that.

This movie is a character building feature, we get to see two performers interact with each other and develop into a new version of themselves. The feature was intriguing, the story was well written and performed but overall, it was a little too simple of a concept for me to fully enjoy or recommend.


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