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#99 | The Incredibles

The Incredibles is a highly regarded Disney animated classic, with an explosion of creativity and originality, when this movie was released to audiences it changed the game forever.

With an utterly memorable plot, loveable characters and an eccentric villain, The Incredibles shocked fans with its realistic approach to family, friendship and justice. If you're unfamiliar with the plot- Forced to adopt a civilian identity and stuck in a white-collar job, Mr Incredible itches to get back into action. When he is lured into a trap by the evil Syndrome, his family contrives to save him. We get to see superheroes in their natural habitat, living normal and boring lives to get by in society, all whilst holding their deepest and darkest secret. Mr Incredible, voiced by Craig T. Nelson, a genius casting decision by the way, is the core to the story. Mr Incredible is done with pretending and is no longer prepared to live a secret identity any longer, he is approached by a company who are preparing to bring supers back into society... or so he thinks. This anonymous employers lures Mr Incredible to him in order to defeat him.

The story is simple enough for children but also complex enough for adults to enjoy, one of my great loves for Disney is their endless perfection to merge narratives for both older and younger audiences. Disney seem to accomplish this time and time again, making their films accommodate for double the target audience. The Incredibles is easily one of Disney's most iconic and memorable features, with its own unforgettable theme song endless quotable moments, this film undoubtedly belongs on the top 100 list.

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