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#85 | Kubrick's The Shining

I feel as though, it could go without saying as to why The Shining (1980) made it onto the top 100 list. The Shining is a cinematic marvel, a piece of film history which will forever live in peoples minds.

Stanley Kubrick's The Shining has its fault, of course, the film has been widely recognised for not displaying a honourable interpretation of King's flawless novel but in saying that, Kubrick's version is pretty damn impressive. To me, this movie represents my awakening of the horror genre. The Shining was the first serious horror movie I ever watched, the first horror movie which spiked my interest for cinema and the first movie to make me seriously think about each element. Watching the blood pour out of the elevator, the editing of the twins in the corridor, the sounds, the setting, everything. The Shining made me realise how intricate cinema truly is and how much I loved that.

For anyone who hasn't watched The Shining, it's never too late but heres a brief rundown of the story. Jack, his wife and their son move into an isolated hotel during the long winter, the hotel has a violent past which doesn't seem to phase him. Living in isolation, Jack begins to lose his sanity, which affects his family members and how he acts around them.

If you've watched this movie, have you read the book? If so, which is your favourite. I find it's far too difficult to compare the two, Kubrick changed so much about the narrative and overall changed the entire atmosphere of the film from the first frame. As King said himself, casting Jack Nicholson altered the whole directory of the film, it's obvious from Nicholson's persona and general demeanor that this movie... may not end well. Overall, I still thoroughly enjoy watching it every October, The Shining is a classic horror movie for a reason but to me it's highly nostalgic.

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